Craigslist Ticketmaster Scam Info

Dr Katie Huynh

This is Dr Katie Huynh. I am NOT selling any tickets on Craigslist (football, Hamilton Play, concerts, orchestra, etc). I practice in the Pacific Northwest out of Spokane, WA. I do not have any reason to have tickets in Texas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Maryland, etc.

You have found this page by looking for Dr Katie Huynh for either more information about my neurosurgery services or you may have been a victim of a popular Craigslist Scam with Ticketmaster tickets.

If you are looking for more information about the real Dr Katie Huynh, please click here

Examples and Details

If you were an unfortunate victim of the Craigslist Scam, here's probably what happened to you:

You searched for event tickets on Craigslist and found a listing for tickets from TicketMaster's Fan-to-Fan service for your event (Football game, concert, orchestra, etc) and emailed the seller that you were interested.

You were then contacted by email from someone pretending to be Dr Katie Huynh with a link that looks like it came from TicketMaster. Very realistic and legit looking link. It even has a signature line with Dr Katie Huynh's name, picture, NPI number, a phone number, and a disclaimer about the message being sent by a doctor and to keep it confidential.

You may even have text conversations with instructions on how to transfer the money.

All this was designed to give more credibility to the email that is asking for funds from you.

However, there are many red flags with this approach:

1. A legitimate transaction never asks for debit card only, pictures of ebay gift cards where you scratch off the security cover to reveal the access code, etc.
All these are classic SCAM methods to steal money from you with no way for you to trace it back.
2. A real doctor typically does not use such an elaborate email signature line.
3. A real doctor's email to patient will be on a secured platform where you would need to log into a system to read and reply to the message.

What We Know About the Scammers

They are committing fraud by impersonating Dr Katie Huynh and other physicians to lend more credibility to their bait.

They are very sophisticated in how they create the background to support their claims:
They purchased a domain name called on on August 13, 2019
They registered a fake profile to register the domain name
They are hosting that domain on hosting platform. Current IP address is:

fake website to support the email

They have created several email addresses on the domain. One of them is
When you visit the website they redirect you to the official website so it looks legitimate.
There is no real official website called
They are using 2 VOIP phone numbers: 206-929-5513 and 206-984-0788
These two known telephone numbers are issued from the Seattle area code but they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Much like the fraud emails.
They stole my picture and NPI number from my official website at, Providence Hospital systems physcian lists, and other official publicly accessible Medical information websites.

fake contact email 1 fake contact email 2

Here's an example email from the fake TicketMaster asking for payment through Ebay Gift Cards to be emailed to them. Real ticketing agencies would not be doing this.

fake sales invoice email 1 fake sales invoice email 2 fake sales invoice email 3 fake sales invoice email 4 fake sales invoice email 5

They have purchased a domain name called from on August 23, 2019
Hostinger web services is hosting the website currently at
They are using the fake email of on the fake TicketMaster email to look legitimate.
If you go to the website at it redirects back to google.

fake website to support the email

They have scammed people all over the nation. Several of the victims have contacted the medical office of Dr Katie Huynh for more information on the validity of the transaction. Dr Huynh is just as much a victim in this ordeal as the buyers/potential buyers.
We know of victims from Maryland, Texas, Chicago, Philadelpia.

What You Can Do

Report to Local Police Department

Report to

Report to

I already have open cases with the FBI, FTC, and local law enforcement regarding these SCAMS

Please do not contact Dr Katie Huynh's medical office with your grievance.
She is as much of a victim in this SCAM as you are. She has never sold anything on Craigslist. No neurosurgeon with an active practice has the time to sell tickets they can't use. They usually give them away.

Please do not leave negative reviews on, Google Reviews, or any other Medical site regarding her medical practice.
She is not personally involved in this SCAM and is a victim herself.
Any written negative review involving this matter will be taken as libel and defamation and will be pursued to the full legal limits.

Please do not call Providence Medical Group, the Medical Board, or any Medical licensing institution to file complaints against the real Dr Katie Huynh.
These actions will be dealt with as threats, harassment, and defamation and will be pursued to the full legal limits.